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YMMV / Arfenhouse

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The second movie devolves into a whole bunch of these.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Arfenhouse 6 has a joke near the beginning of the movie poking fun at "ransomware" programs masquerading as antivirus programs that were prevalent in 2006. Over ten years later in 2015, Adobe Flash, the program the movies were made in, is revealed to have so many security vulnurabilities that many tech giants such as the CEOs of Facebook and Mozilla started calling for the death of Flash.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: I AM INTERFACE! and THUNDERCATS OHHHH!
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The premise for both the games and the movies.


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