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YMMV / Aran's Daughter

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  • Complete Monster: Ridley is the leader of the Space Pirates and the Arch-Enemy of Samus Aran. Ridley personally led an attack on the mining planet, Krawna, brutally killing nearly everyone on it and orphaning Ayame Miyamoto. Ten years later, Ridley has his forces ambush Samus Aran and forces her to surrender herself by threatening to kill her adoptive daughter Ayame by crushing the life out of her. Ridley and the Pirates would then proceed to plan on having Samus executed on their homeworld, an event that Ridley watches with pure sadistic glee. When Ayame invades the Pirate Homeworld to save Samus, Ridley personally attempts to kill her for interfering in his attempt to kill Samus. A cruel, sadistic dragon with a thirst for blood, Ridley would gladly kill anyone to satisfy his sadism.

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