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  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • The Marquis, the first time you fight him, may seem like an immensely overpowered boss that you'll never win against. That is, until you realize he's immensely weak against one specific sealing spell and there's a magic rod hidden on Chaos Island that can perform it. He's not much the second time, either, considering you get a magical amulet in the spoils of the first victory that specifically lets you take control of him and if he manages to resist that, he's still weak against the aforementioned sealing spell, which Alaron will have learned by that point.
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    • Prince Sheridan definitely qualifies as this. He's fought right before the final fight in the game, at which point you'll have an overpowered trio of assistants and a godly Mage in the lead, compared to which his combat statistics seem plain mediocre, and due to his Lunar Aspect he can be one shotted if fought during the daytime, especially by Alaron, who has the Solar Aspect.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Pure combat based characters could be classed as this, as since they don't(and can't)use magic, their more combat based Stats and Skills are much more quickly leveled up, turning them into tanks early on. Equip one in the later areas of the game with a Spellbreaker Axe, two Rings of Healing, a Belt of Teleport, the Helm of Wisdom, Boots of Speed, and Chaos Armor and Shield, and you have yourself a anti-magic tank teleporting across the battlefield and instantly skewering mooks in a mere one or two hits, and the tougher ones with only a few hits.
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    • Alaron himself. While all other magic capable characters you can have tag along with you can only use magic from a specific preset school, Alaron can learn all four Schools of Magic, Naming, Elemental, Necromancy, and Star, meaning that every available spell to learn in the game can be learned and mastered by him. Couple that with the fact that, also unlike all other recruitable characters, Alaron can learn every Skill in the game, he could just be power leveled into a godly character with maxed Stats, Skills, and Spells. Then equip him with a Chaos Shield and Armor for best possible defense, Lodin's Sword, the game's Infinity +1 Sword, the Horn of Kynon, a misc equip that increases the Troubadour skill by 6 levels, the Shield Amulet, which adds a tank's worth of Protection, two Rings of Healing for a combined 10 level increase to the Endurance Stat and an instant complete recovery of health after winning a battle if it's daytime, a Reflection Belt for magic resistance, Boots of Speed for a constant haste effect right off the bat, and the Helm of Tempests for massive Air magic resistance and a small Warrior Skill increase.
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    • Wall of Bones is a petrify-like spell that will put an enemy out of commission; if every enemy is hit with it, the battle is won. The final two bosses are not immune to this spell. Cue a laughably easy Anti-Climax Boss if you hit them with it.
  • That One Boss:
    • Kitarik will be this unless you do some serious grinding early in the game. He's backed up by at least about several Hobgoblins, all spamming Spirit Shield and Tap Stamina, and Kitarik himself wields a powerful unique weapon and often uses his Crushing Death spell.
    • Shamsuk: Even if you fight him and his monster backup in the daytime, his Wraiths will constantly use Darkness every turn if it's day, making the fight more difficult against the Lunar Aspect monsters you have to fight, the Plague Zombies are tough to kill due to high damage resistance and health, and Shamsuk, after boosting his minions a bit with magic, will start spamming Wall of Bones on your whole party, quickly ending the battle.
    • Pochangarat. Just Pochangarat. While it doesn't use a strategic pattern, it has near invincible resistance to all magic, and just sits in the center of the battlefield the entire fight spamming either Fireball or Frozen Doom. The former is one of the most powerful Element School offensive spells in the game, hits everyone within the spell's radius very, very hard, and since that radius can be MOVED to anywhere on the battlefield, is used pretty much everywhere and when the turn comes for Pochangarat to cast it on itself, if it's caught in the spell's radius, it simply resists the spell. The latter is a sealing spell of the Star School, which pretty much renders the target useless for the entire battle and will end the game once all four party members are frozen. It doesn't help that it knows these spells at around their max level, and the only way to undo Frozen Doom is to have a specific and completely optional party member that knows the Dispel Star spell. Or that Pochangarat can only be majorly injured by the game's Infinity +1 Sword.
    • And before even getting to any of the named bosses above, early in the game the party has to raid an orc stronghold, coming face to face with one particular orc carrying a heavy shield. On paper this sounds rather unspectacular, but consider that the orc can deflect pretty much anything in melee and there is probably only one offensive caster in your party at this point....assuming you selected him at the outset instead of the other options. With better gear and skills, the same orc would be a walkover, but considering the lack of party experience when he shows up, he definitely qualifies.
  • Uncanny Valley: Thanks to the N64's minimal amount of memory, the character designs in this game are just bizarre mishmashes of polygons, and everyone has triangular stumps where their hands would go. Turning on the high resolution the Expansion Pak offers just underscores the effect thanks to the lowered framerate.

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