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  • Author Existence Failure: Audie Pitre and his parents were killed by a drunk driver who had hit them head-on after running a stop sign on the Bourg-Larose Highway in Louisiana on January 23, 1997. His brother, who was in the car at the time, survived with a broken rib and a mild neck fracture. The band broke up permanently following this.
  • Awesome Music: When the Kite String Pops as well as Paegan Terrorism Tactics are filled to the brim with this.
    • In terms of individual tracks, there are satisfying cuts like "Dr. Seuss Is Dead," "Scream of the Butterfly," "Jezebel," "Finger Paintings of the Insane," "New Death Sensation," "Paegan Love Song," "Cassie Eats Cockroaches"... Ah, we can go on for eternity.
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  • Cult Classic: They were never a mainstream success, but they're revered among fans of sludge metal.
  • Ear Worm: "Venus Blue". Some have stated that the song could have been a radio hit "if not for the graphic lyrics".
  • Epic Riff: Dear lord, so very many. "The Blue", "Tranquilized", "Finger Paintings of the Insane", "Dope Fiend", "Cassie Eats Cockroaches", "Paegan Love Song", "Graveflower", and "Venus Blue" are only a few examples.
  • Face of the Band: Dax Riggs, as lead vocalist and lyricist, naturally fits this role. Audie Pitre also fits to some extent due to his untimely death.
  • Memetic Mutation: Calling them a Nu Metal band, which they clearly ARE NOT is inexplicably popular on 4chan’s /mu/ board.
  • Nightmare Fuel: A lot of their stuff, especially due to Dax's morbid lyrics and deranged vocals. Special mention goes to "Jezebel".
    "Hearts will stop and brain cells pop
    Apocalyptic high
    She screams bloody murder as they chop off her fingers
    So this is how it feels to die"
    • "Cassie Eats Cockroaches" is about having sex with a woman, killing her, and then continuing to have sex with her. While the Gorn imagery is bad enough, the sheer psychosis portrayed is what makes it truly disturbing.
    "Pale and twitching, twisting to the cold dance
    Watching the room grow cold, a funeral romance
    Somewhere, someone's screaming that the world is gone
    Smear me with your blood
    And let these dead boys play their grave songs"
    • “Finger Paintings of the Insane”, which is about the Manson Cult.
  • Signature Song: "Scream of the Butterfly" and "Dr. Seuss is Dead" are likely their most famous cuts.
  • Squick: Quite a bit due to Dax's lyrical obsessions with violence and deviant sexuality, though "Jezebel" and "The Beautiful Downgrade" take the cake in terms of disturbing Body Horror imagery.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Scream of the Butterfly", no matter which way you interpret it:
      • It's a folky blues ballad about what appears to be a severely dysfunctional relationship between a pair of addicts.
      • It's a Word-Salad Horror song depicting an abortion. Lyrics such as "She feels it die, I heard her cry", "The scalpel shines in God's sunshine" and "Something cold is forced inside her" seem to imply this.
    • "Graveflower" (centered around a woman who kills herself, and her boyfriend being too high to notice the suicide while it happens) and "Venus Blue".
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    • Audie's death. While riding in the car with his parents and brother, they were hit head on by a drunk driver, killing everyone in the car except for Audie's brother Kelly. Making it worse is that he was just 26 years old and had a child on the way at the time. It's no wonder that the band decided to call it quits after this incident.

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