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YMMV / Aberrant

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  • Author Tract: The lead developer for most of the line's run was a gay man with issues, most of which showed up very heavy-handedly in the background materials. Expect any gay character to be in some way uber-powerful and/or infallible. Conversely, any conservative/hetero-normative types will inevitably be some breed of foolish bigot who will eventually get shown up... hard.
  • Creator's Pet: Divis Mal, so much. He's like Magneto, but he's canonically right, he's on an entire different power tier compared to most of the setting, he has the ability to depower or empower other supers at will, and basically the entire plot is caused by and guided by him, with the players having no capability to effectively disrupt his goals, let alone attack him effectively. At one point, supposedly, one of the developers said that the title of the game, Aberrant, referred to Divis Mal specifically.
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  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Aberrant wasn't the first superhero Genre Deconstruction (and it came out during The Dark Age of Comic Books), but it was uniquely thorough in its integration of superpowered individuals into the world and its exploration of the consequences. Nowadays, however, various degrees of Deconstruction and Reconstruction are the rule in superhero media rather than the exception, and it looks increasingly dated to newcomers with its extremely Nineties sensibilities.

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