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YMMV / A Pink Planet

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  • Genius Bonus:
    • In "Living and Learning", there is mention of a Noodle Incident where Pearl stabbed a human male for accusing Pink Diamond of being a "wife-stealing rakshasi", further mention that he deserved it for being an abusive husband. In Hindu and Buddhist lore, a rakshasa (translated in English as "Maneater", rakshasi being the feminine term for it) are a type of demonic god similar to the Asura notable for feeding on blood and were banished to Earth by Brahma and Vishnu. Pink Diamond herself could be considered in a form of exile to Earth by her more-powerful superiors, is considered something of a god to gems and humans alike and her promiscuity (including the Noodle Incident affair with this man's wife) can apply the term "maneater" by its more modern definition.
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    • Gem-organic hybrid experiments are collectively referred to as "geminals". In Real Life chemistry, geminals are the relationship between two atoms or functional groups that are attached to the same atom. Two distinctly different things that make up a whole, much like how gem aspects and organic aspects (including humans) make up single corporeal entities (the geminals).

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