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YMMV / A Pikachu in Love

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Or painfully hilarious in hindsight, depending on who you ask. If the Unintentional Period Piece example is true and it was made when the anime was still "young", then Pikachu, you need not worry about what'll happen with you and Ash in the future... because he ain't growing up anytime soon.
  • Idiot Plot: So much of the drama in this fic could have easily been avoided if Pikachu and Pichi had the right of mind to tell their trainers about each other. Ash certainly isn't the kind of trainer who would force his best friend to make such a choice and is by no means opposed to more traveling companions given past track record, and what little we learn about Pichi's trainer makes her sound decent enough to do the same. Instead, they get it in their heads that telling their trainers would mean they would never see each other again, and ultimately are forced to part ways over it. Not even Misty has the revelation of how stupid this is when she finds out, nor does she try to do anything to help!
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  • Narm: One of the major sources of conflict in this fic is Pikachu coming to terms with the fact that Ash won't be young or a trainer forever. While it makes sense In-Universe, considering Ash is one of the most infamous cases of Not Allowed to Grow Up in anime history, it can be cringe-inducing hilarious to some if taken from an out of universe perspective.
  • The Woobie: Pikachu of all Pokemon. Over the course of the fic, he finds love, but starts to question his bond with Ash, nearly gets mauled to death by an Ursaring because of his Love Interest carefree nature, and at the end realizes just how important his bond with Ash is, and has to make a choice between living in the wild with Pichi or continuing his adventures with Ash. He decides to stay with Ash, which results in one of the most depressing goodbyes in possibly all of Pokémon fanfiction. If Misty hadn't already given him a hug and started to comfort him shortly after, the audience might have tried to do so by hugging their computer monitors instead.

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