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What Could Have Been / The Arkn Mythos

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Given the vast amount of material in The Arkn Mythos, it's hardly surprising that a number of ideas, concepts and characters ended up on the cutting room floor.

The Arkn Mythos (General)

  • Originally, the Mythos was pitched as a Spin-Off of The Fear Mythos. DeathlyLogic and Type0Negative premiered some of the key concepts (including .Reality, the Arkn and Dekn, and The Carver) on pages on the official Fear Mythos wiki. This proved to be (in the words of DeathlyLogic) "a terrible idea", as the community immediately began trying to change their ideas (turning .Reality into a Slender Man knockoff made of code, greatly reducing The Carver's powers, and making the Arkn and Dekn into human cults). After a great deal of conflict with the wiki's Admins, DL and T0N split from the community and made The Arkn Mythos a stand-alone franchise


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