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Works in this franchise with their own Trivia pages:

The franchise in general:

  • No Budget: All of the vlogs in the Mythos, without exception, star the creators and their friends and are filmed on a handheld camera or smart phone, in the actors' homes and the surrounding areas. The only money spent on production goes towards props, theatrical makeup, and gas to drive to filming locations. (Or sometimes just drive: a number of episodes in the vlogs were shot entirely in the protagonist's car while driving. DeathlyLogic even filmed one episode of Solar's Crimson while driving to work in the morning — with the in-episode explanation that Michaelis was doing the exact same thing.)
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  • Orphaned Series: Arkn: Echo'' (a.k.a. Universe O), a planned prequel blog series (helmed by DeathlyLogic Type0Negative, and set in the universe before A which would have explored how the formerly mortal Hethe became the monstrous entities we see in The Arknverse. It debuted May 15, 2018, and posted two entries before it was ultimately abandoned and deleted.
  • Production Throwback: Ellpagg's name was taken from the protagonist of RedlightOmega (one of the series that inspired The Arkn Mythos): LPAG, a character known only by his screen handle (which stood for "Let's Play A Game").
  • Spin-Off: The Arkn Mythos was originally proposed as an addition (of sorts) to The Fear Mythos; DeathlyLogic, Type0Negative and Kekstein posted their early concepts for the project on the Fear Mythos wiki forums. However, they were unhappy with the feedback they received and the changes the community wanted to make to their ideas note . They ultimately decided to break away from the established web communities and create their own independent 'verse.
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  • Stillborn Franchise: Eternal has gone this route; since DeathlyLogic introduced the universe in the finale of Solar's Crimson, no content has been produced for it.
  • The Wiki Rule: The official wiki can be found here. There's also the (old, no longer updated) Arknthology wiki, which focuses specifically on the Myth Arc of Universe A.
  • Troubled Production: A number of vlogs and blogs set in the War Chronicles and the Winter Saga were delayed due to disagreements between the creators (namely, disputes regarding various plot points in the Arknthology and how various characters fit into it). Said disputes led to a great deal of infighting, which resulted in a number of creators leaving the Mythos — and lead to several vlogs and blogs being cancelled and/or deleted. In the end, DeathlyLogic and PesterJest decided to abandon any plot arcs tied to the Arknthology, cancel their remaining series, and begin work on the Spin-Off franchise (and other content unrelated to the Arknthology).
    • Oddly, TypeONegative and FeralWasteland both reconciled with DeathlyLogic in early 2017. Their respective Arknthology series (acryfromwinter and MedBoy789 were resurrected, along with The Knight Shift: End Times, and several new episodes were produced for each series. The trio fell out again several months later, however, and their vlogs — and the Arknthology — were once again put out to pasture.
    • In early 2018, DL and T0N reconciled yet again, and decided to create a new Arknverse plot involving their main characters, Uriel and Azrael. Less than two weeks later, those plans were put on the backburner (due to DL having employment and financial issues). FeralWasteland would return independently late that year, long enough to finish up MedBoy789 (encouraging DL to do the same with Solar's Crimson, and wrapping up the Arknthology once and for all).

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