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  • Complete Monster: In a Forever War with a vast cast of morally ambiguous characters, a few stand out as the absolute worst:
    • The Hooks Killer is among the worst, particularly in the Extended Universe canon.
      • He is a repulsive murderer whose crimes include torture and mutilation, rape (with a particular preference for infants, and consuming the flesh of his victims. He's also been known to make masks from the skin of his victims, in order to hide his own disfigured face. He has part of The Carver's soul in him — and uses the knowledge it bestows to become a "perfect killer", jumping between various timelines and eras and reinventing himself under a different identity in every reality to ensure that he will never get caught. His vast Historical Rap Sheet includes murdering over 100 people as The Dreaded, mysterious Wild West outlaw Barnabelt Kinnard; inflicting torments on an entire kingdom as the English monarch Comshine Orok; and eviscerating an entire religious cult, including his own pregnant sister — whose baby (which he cut out and devoured) was possibly his own — as Adam Spirit. He later becomes a Psycho for Hire, assisting The Carver in his plans; during The Hooks Killer Documentary, he cuts open a young filmmaker who has been making a documentary about Hooks and raises The Carver into his body — possibly while the original host is still alive — allowing him to roam freely throughout .Reality. In one of his final onscreen appearances, Hooks confesses onscreen to having committed 643 murders — in one town — over the past 40 years. His final body count is suggested to be in the thousands.
      • His Universe A incarnation, who may be a descendant of that continuity's original Kinnard, is, while seemingly confined to a single timeline, virtually identical in terms of his sadism, twisted nature, and love of atrocities — such that the Carver himself refers to him as a "monster". This version of Hooks is also Carver's partner and is hinted to have given him a vessel in a similar manner. Not content with this extremely risky act (which, due to The Carver's Hethian power, causes a power surge in .Reality) he decides, just because he can, to go public about the Arkn and Dekn — setting off the May 15th Catastrophe, which causes a system-wide crash that obliterates multiple timelines and countless lives. The last time he's seen onscreen, he guts Michael Knight, sending him to the Infernous to be tormented by the Carver, who then claims him as a vessel. Hooks may be a mere human, but he proves himself to be far more deplorable than most Arkn or Dekn.
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    • Elius'Exe'Deus, or Elias Exodus, aka Elliot Kenneth, is Asmodeus's teenage, sociopathic, power-hungry Nephilim son. As a child, he and his fellow Nephilim survived genocide by being hidden in a realm called the Hybrid Grounds; once left to his own devices, Elias wasted little time in slaughtering his fellows and absorbing their souls and powers. In 2015, as an amnesiac boy suffering from voices inside his head, Exodus has his powers re-awakened when one of the Dekn who saved him from the massacre, Vine, stops him from committing suicide; once his memories "return", Exodus reveals that he's been faking his amnesia — the "voices" he hears are his victims, screaming inside him, much to his delight — and thanks Vine for saving him by absorbing his powers and trapping him inside a cube Prison Dimension — leaving him to rot in the Hybrid Grounds for eternity. After departing from the Hybrid Grounds, Elias is intent on consuming both Arkn and Dekn to become a living god. He visits his uncle, Raphael Tobit Kestler, tortures him, and sends him to the Vale of Nightmares before murdering Raph's twin brother Tobias, all the while gloating and laughing about having effectively driven his own race to near extinction.

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