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Webcomic / Bad Music Zombies

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Main cast (Top-left to bottom-right) DJ Dude, Rick Haggar, Nik York, Nas Vegas

Nik: Oh god! Now her face is falling off of her face!
Nas: We all can't be beauty queens, Nik.

Bad Music Zombies is the first story arc of Danger Vision, an adventure webcomic created by Brandon Blackburn and edited by Francisco Ruiz. Bad Music Zombies follows Nik and Nas (later joined by Rick) as they journey through a zombie infested city.

A has-been 80's rocker-turned morning DJ gets fired and as revenge, he broadcasts a song over the airways that turns listeners into zombies. Due to the developing apocalypse, Nas and Nik, a couple of 20-something couch potatoes must venture out into the streets to get the electricity back on. After a close encounter with some zombies, they barricade themselves in a record store where they find the DJ's ex-bandmate, who is the only person who knows how to reverse the armageddon... with rock!

Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays and can be read here.

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