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The Steel Donut Collective is a channel comprised of five guys: Blake, Bob, Connor, Jelle, and Matt. Their main type of content consists of riffs of various types of media, from fanfiction failures to worthless Wiki How articles, to awful animated movies, and much more. They also occasionally do a podcast where they offer writing tips.

Since starting the channel on June 4th, 2014, they have uploaded 450+ videos worth of content.



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    Fanfiction Riffs 
  • It Started When I was 4 - an Ip Man fanfic
  • Sealed Forever - a Growing Up Creepie fanfic
  • The New One - a Halo fanfic
  • testing - a Canaanite Mythology fanfic
  • KFA - a Tuck Everlasting (2002) fanfic
  • The Metal Dream - a Guitar Center fanfic
  • The Right Move - An 'Original' Fiction?
  • The Uprising (Gunz: The Duel) - a Gunz: The Duel fanfic
  • What a girl does to get an A - An Explicit Wizards of Waverly Place fanfic by Lord Jeremy Silver
  • Lonely No More - a Touhou fanfic
  • Kurogane's Confession - a Girls Und Panzer/SOMETHING fanfic
  • sesshamaru ending - An Inuyasha/Wolf's Rain fanfic
  • touya's dreaming - a Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic

    Multi-Part Riffs 
  • Yoahimune by Yoahimune

    Dramatic Readings 
  • Thats what I get - A God Hand fanfic

    Author/Artist/Other Highlights 
  • Artist Highlight: Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

    Steel Donut Raps 



List of tropes

  • Aerith and Bob: The guys running the channel: Bob, Connor, Blake, Matt and...Jelle. note 
  • Catchphrase: Bob's 'This is my final intro line', was previously 'This is my current intro line'
  • Corpsing: A fairly frequent occurrence when the riff comes up with something ludicrous, most notable in the Twisted Twister and the Avitar The Rerising and Legend of Icebending videos
  • Running Gag: A whole page of them

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