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Counter Arguments is a YouTube channel dedicated to argumentation and rhetoric.

"This channel, entitled 'Counter Arguments', has within it a collection of arguments in response to arguments put forward either by mass amounts of people or individuals with power and/or fame. The idea is simple; challenge ideas and concepts. If these videos entertain you along the way, that's a perk and you're entirely welcome to it."

The channel ceased activity in February 2020, the host citing burnout and a loss of motivation. Its last video was on how Rebecca Black's infamous song "Friday" changed Youtube.

Not to be mistaken with ContraPoints, a leftist political commentary channel.



  • Art Shift: The channel has a five episode series based on 12 Angry Men, which is called a master class in debating, analyzing the basics of debating. Unlike the rest of the channel, the series is made entirely on Black and White, mimicking the movie's color scheme.
  • Hypocrite: Very often catches people being hypocrites.
    • "Let's Not Politicize This" calls out both sides of America's politics for using the titular argument whenever discussing the politics of a certain event is detrimental to them.
    • "Candance Owens | Celebrities" puts Owens on the spot as she made a video for conservative channel PargerU calling out celebrities for exposing their political views. In the very next month, she was defending Kanye West when he was trying to publicly showcase his political views.
  • Non-Indicative Name: "The Truth About Videos That Begin With 'The Truth About'" points out that this is a recurring thing with these videos. A lot of the videos contain truths, but are generally opinion pieces, arguments or anything else. There's "truth" and there's "opinions", and branding the latter as the former doesn't make it so.
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  • Violence Is the Only Option: "Punch a Nazi" analyses this. It calls the strategy out for being essentially the same thing the Nazis did, except targeted at them this time, and is overall self-defeating, ineffectual, unethical, and might push a Nazi further into their own groups.


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