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The Sterlings are gonna be a case of Big, Screwed-Up Family
Considering their family has basically run the town for centuries, there’s also gonna be some big skeletons in the closet, maybe even literally.
  • Basically confirmed. The parents have a history of drug dealing.

Naomi is Native American
A name like Silverhawk does sound like it would be a tribal name. It would also be how she’s good at tracking clues in Chapter 2.

Nathan from The Junior is related to the Sterlings
Given the fact that Nathan is also very rich, is involved in a mystery subplot, and Choices is known for its shared universe, fans inevitably have made the connection.

Kate is a Runaway Bride
Given her face in the minute-clip, she doesn't look like she wants to be marrying this man.
  • Jossed: Though she went to investigate Tanner's cheating, she was kidnapped.

Tommy Walsh is Bryce's father, not Pierce Sterling
Bryce and Tommy share similar features together, and Bryce stands out among the Sterlings for having different features from them (skin color, face shape, and, in Tanner's case, hair color). It's also possible that Pierce knows this and uses it to blackmail Tommy into granting the Sterlings immunity from investigation and prosecution.
  • As of Chapter 12, this theory is also applicable to Nikolai Petrov, after the first clue shows that he used to be Margaret and Pierce’s old friend.
  • Jossed. In chapter 14, Margaret confirms that she never cheated on Pierce, despite him doing it.

Bryce isn’t really dead
They never found the body and there are clues that something else is there about his past.
  • Jossed. Naomi confirms in the final chapter that they finally found his body.

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