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The next update is gonna be huge.
So far, it's been a few months since the game has seen an update of any sort. So, clearly it's time to start assuming that the game's next update will be awesome. Possible ideas:
  • Some new skills or abilities given to zombie players, to grant them some method of gaining exp besides the same old maiming and smashing of things.
  • Some change or skill that allows the other melee weapons to be at least somewhat useful.
  • Some change to the ankle grab skill that keeps it from remaining a Game-Breaker, while still providing a decent advantage. Perhaps by making the effect on ap cost be more like -5 instead of -9.
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  • To quote the faq: "There may eventually be character skills which modify the maximum AP and its recharge rate, but the basic starting-character settings will remain the same." It's possibly this may finally be done sometime soon.
The next update will include a new race
Elves. Who will be immortal, and stay far away from the dreary humans and their silly problems.

Malton is
A corporate city

The virus was designed by NT, and holds the key for eternal Life
No matter how you are killed you either turn into a zombie, or stay a zombie. However upon a syringe you turn back into a human. While this may not seem insignificant, any cause of death can turn you to a zombie and human again. As a result, any human can be brought back to life from having the zombie virus then the shot, defying life and essentially the shots carry the cure of all death. The zombie virus must have been a outbreak of the virus, and once the apocalypse is dealt with, NT can do wonders for the world.

The revivification syringes drain your Life Energy to revive a zombie.
APs seem to represent energy you can spend doing things - walking from block to block, searching, attacking, building barricades. You fall asleep when you run out. And yet, we're expected to believe that stabbing a zombie with a syringe and injecting it takes ten times as much energy as attacking it with any other weapon, or searching a building, or adding to a barricade, or walking from block to block, or...? Clearly, more than chemicals are required, and you must also transfer some of your own life energy to a zombie in order to restore it to true life.

(Yes, I'm perfectly aware this was mostly a game balance change to stop Combat Reviving, and of the obvious application of Occam's Razor, but... hey, WMG.)

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