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Trivia / Urban Dead

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  • Fan Nickname: "Harmanz", "Zambahz", "Zambah G-Zaz", the list goes on.
    • These mean "Humans", "Zombies", and "Zombie Jesus", respectively, if you couldn't figure it out yourself. Most of UD's fan nicknames are just Zombified words.
    • Also "zeds" for zombies
    • An entire survivor lingo has sprung up, mainly centered around shortened words and acronyms. It's not at all uncommon to hear a survivor saying to keep the 'cades at VSB, and also could somebody please FAK him (i.e. keep the barricades at very strongly barricaded,note  and a request for somebody to use a first aid kit on him).
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  • Follow the Leader: The game was inspired by a game with a similar system, except it had vampires. UD was made with permission from the original creators. Urban Dead has itself brought on several similar games.
  • Shrug of God: As above, Kevan stated he purposely left the details of Necrotech, Malton, the survivors, the zombies, and the city backstories blank to let the players act out as they wish.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here. It's also linked on the front page and the map page, just in case you need to look something up mid-barhah.

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