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Clarice’s Christmas Gift

  • Will be a Webkins lion named Hannibal. This will double as Hilarious in Hindsight given Cleolinda’s place in the Hannibal fandom, and result in calls for a Webkins dog named Will to round out the group.

The Sweater Drawer Incident

In the latest entry, Cleo refers to a mysterious Sweater Drawer incident which was Anna’s latest misbehaviour. The sweater drawer could be:
  • Where Tonner Bella sleeps. Both Bellae aren’t fond of the cold, and Tonner Bella’s too big for socks, so maybe she sleeps under sweaters for warmth?
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  • Where Anna launched some kind of attack on the Littlest Bella from. Prior to TLB moving into the Sparklerosa to protect her Edward from being seduced by the ‘giant womanly wiles omg’ of Tonner Bella, she sleeps in the sock drawer, and Anna somehow hides in the nearby sweater drawer to play a prank on her.

Legolas is being held hostage by squirrels

He’s the only one who speaks squirrel properly, so they’d try to interrogate him. Tonner Edward will eventually nom his way through enough squirrels to rescue him, but in the meantime...

Tonner Bella will meet (and possibly befriend) Ellowyne Two while Tonner Edward is away finding Legolas

  • Tonner Bella is reasonably curious and probably one of the few people patient enough to put up with the Ellowynes long enough to get to know them. Some Shelvian crisis will distract Alice and Bella will go investigate the attic. Wynnie will ask her to have tea as Tonner Edward is away. Either innocently or motivated by jealousy, Wynnie will disclose the details of her death.

Legolas’s return will result in a Relationship Upgrade for him and Faramir Two

Sphero BB-8 will join Lyra and Iorek

Rule of Cute dictates it will be so.

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