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Funny / The Secret Life of Dolls

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  • From "Falling Slowly":
    Tonner Edward: I just wanted to see if I could hear her thoughts—
  • From "The Lion and the Lamb":
    Cleo: Edward, I'm going to ask you a question, and the answer better be no. Is that pony wearing a diaper?
    Edward: Those are TRAINING PANTS.
  • The photos accompanying the skyfoil creation in "Skyfoil, Scarves and Sparklepires".
  • Everything The Littlest Bella says in her sleep.
    "It's so cold here, I miss the cactus, cactus, I miss the cactus, everyone's so tall, so tall, does nobody wear pants but me, why are they so mean to me, possum, why is there a possum, never get the sticky out of my hair, too cold, cookies are good, I like sprinkles."
    "Nnnnngrhhhhh... not enough eggs... gotta get more eggs... more butter... unsalted... margarine, are you kidding me... shhhhngnghhfff... hula hoop... pineapple... oughtta make a cake... possum wants cake..."
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  • It's going to be hard to top the picture sequence of Sparklebeard's Wife. Or, "No one not married to an elf was ever so happy..."
  • Rollin,' rollin', rollin', Keep them ponies rollin' Rollin,' rollin', rollin' Vampiiiiiiiiire!
    Reader, I confess that I brandished my rake in the darkness, and may have even demanded if they Wanted Some of This. And then I realized I was threatening a squirrel in the middle of the night and began to reevaluate my life choices.
  • "A Diversion!":
    Cleo: You're looking for two girls, a pirate and a gypsy. DO NOT ENGAGE THE CAT. MOVE MOVE MOVE!


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