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This movie takes place in the same universe as 3:10 to Yuma
After being left in charge of an entire town, Cort slowly starts to let the power get to him and his true nature eventually resurfaces like Herod always said it would. Eventually the townspeople run him out of Redemption, not wanting to be under anyone's thumb ever again, so Cort changes his name to Ben Wade and puts together a gang of other outlaws and returns to a life of crime. Thus leading to the events of Yuma.
  • Alternatively, Wade is Cort's twin brother who was not able to redeem himself the way Cort did.
  • You can also do the reverse and say the movie takes place after 3:10 to Yuma. Wade could have easily changed his name to Cort, or Cort could've been his nickname he went by among his crew. After the events of the film, he becomes The Atoner and tries to redeem himself, but is captured by Herod. Prior to defecting, he was Herod's second who had his own crew, and that is the crew you see in the Yuma.


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