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If there is ever an Amanda Show reunion or movie, Miranda Cosgrove will have a part.

Penelope Taynt is Amanda's long lost twin.
She's not really just a crazy fan, she's Amanda's long lost twin and that's why she obsesses over finally getting to meet her, so she can finally collect some DNA to tell if they really are related.

Amanda is part of Izanami's experiment
Note how she enters the TV in the original opening.

Moody's Point having no ending was planned it would be a true parody of bad dramas/soaps it ended with a, completly planned, twist.

Amber from The Girl's Room isn't popular at all.
Her whole 'popularity' schtick is just a ruse to hide the fact that no one likes her. In fact, she probably so into the facade that she's completely lost touch with reality and is dangerously insane.
  • I could buy this actually. I mean the other girls aren't exactly the kind who are usually popular (except maybe Tammy) and none of their guests necessarily react as if Amber's very popular.

Debbie from The Girl's Room is a pothead.
How better to explain her spaced-out expression, nonsensical remarks, and constant cravings for eggs (the munchies)?
  • She fell in love with Kyle from Totally Kyle in one sketch. That's proof enough for me.

The people from Blockblister closed their store to direct the Twilight series.
Y'know, after giving Stephanie Meyer the idea to write it in the first place.
  • I've never seen so much raw awesome in one sentence.

Amanda has chronic Multiple Personality Disorder and Penelope is just one of her alter egos.
It would explain why she has never met Amanda, yet knows so, so much about her.
  • It might be an explanation as to why they never met, but have you ever talked to a fangirl? They can be pretty obsessive and routinely know or remember things about a celebrity that the celebrity himself/herself and his/her friends and family might not.

Drake and Josh are Drake Parker and Josh Nichols.
They worked together on The Amanda Show until it was canceled. Nancy Sullivan was just a show business name used by Audrey Parker to hide the fact that she got her son Drake a job. After the show's cancellation, Audrey mentioned to a reality show producer that she was Drake's mother and that she would be marrying Josh's mother. The producer thought that this would make a good TV series. This is why Drake and Josh speak to the camera at the beginning of each Drake & Josh episode. It also explains why the show is a show within iCarly and Victorious even though characters from Drake & Josh appear in those shows.

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