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The ending scene is another dream sequence.
The scene in the psychiatrist's office was the last "awake" shot of the movie. He did go on vacation. He did go into therapy. It's working. The beach scene is another dream sequence, but it indicates that he really is getting better. This time the storm comes up in his dream and his family recognizes it and are on his side.
  • Which some psychologists would consider a step in the right direction. No longer does Curtis feel completely on his own.

The movie is a prequel to The Road
.The storm that's coming is the nameless disaster that caused the world to go to hell.
  • Maybe...but The Road seems to be more of a case of a global cataclysm. Take Shelter seems to be more of a localized disaster that primarily effects people turning them insane. If anything it's probably closer to being connected to The Crazies.
    • If the final shot is at the ocean (could be Lake Erie, which is near Elyria but the beach doesn't look it), then it's not really localized. He may not be the only person foreseeing this disaster in the world, either - just the only one we see.

God is peeing in the rain dreams.
It's common among kids to say rain is god peeing. Well, this rain is yellow!

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