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Bryan was trained by Snake before he left Outer Heaven to join the CIA.

This would explain a lot.

  • Alternatively, he was trained by Volgin. Which would explain his penchant for using electricity.
  • No wonder he looks so old; he'd have to be at LEAST in his late 60's by Taken if he was Volgin's apprentice all the way back in 1964 before the Good Colonel was killed by Snake!

It's all an extreme case of Even Evil Has Loved Ones.

An Alternative Character Interpretation I've thought of...What we're given of Bryan's past, and indeed some of how he acts now that It's Personal, could easily indicate that he is, if not necessarily a Retired Monster, at least someone who could easily have been the villain of another story in his younger years.

  • Practically confirmed by the trailer for the sequel. Bryan is the villain of another story: his story. Even Evil Has Loved Ones applies to both sides.

Jean-Claude will factor in the sequel
Somewhat implausible, but maybe the guy is forced to work with the albanians or something.
  • While we don't yet know how much screen time he'll have, it turns out that Jean-Claude does play a fairly important part in the sequel.
    • Confirmed: He has a brief reappearance where the villains torture him to find out where Bryan is, but he knows nothing. It's uncertain what happens to him after that.

Bryan Mills is secretly Hannibal

Obviously, Taken takes place during a temporary retirement, and after the whole mess with rescuing his daughter, he went back to his old job after realizing that it's what he was meant to do.

Bryan is not finished yet...
We have no clues that Bryan stopped killing human traffickers at the end of the movie. It's perfectly possible that, after he's spent some time with his beloved daughter, he'll just get back to business and kill the rest of the organization. After all, they know to much, and they weren't exactly nice towards his daughter, so he has a good reason to finish them off. And when the streets of Paris are drenched in the blood of the traffickers that were foolish enough to think they cound handle a war against hells most prolific servant, he'll leave the terrified city and declare another war on all the criminals of the United States. And then, he'll meet Frank Castle. It won't take long for them to kill every single criminal in the world, and soon, hell will freeze and the darkness itself will whisper the name of every single grieving mother they have created, and the laughter of the dark gods will be silenced when they gaze into the eyes of Bryan and Castle. The world will never be the same again... and all of this because some asshole thought it would be hilarious to kidnap Bryans daughter! Thank you, fucker!
  • As far as This Troper is concerned, this is Canon. Even Word of God will not be able to contradict the canon status of this.

Liam Neeson's character in Unknown is Bryan
Come on, he's a super badass assassin spy kicking ass in a major European capital, only this time with amnesia. His line "I didn't forget everything, I know how to kill you, asshole" is pure Bryan.
  • I agree, maybe it was even a prequel. Even my mom thought it was part of the Taken universe when she watched it.

That guy tied to the chair is not dead...
You remember that guy who was tied to a chair and tortured by Bryan? At the end of the scene, Bryan turns on the switch one last time before leaving the room, letting the poor guy burn. You know what I think? I think he's still sitting on that god damn chair!
  • Awesome as that would be, Taken 2 says that he was fried to death.
  • It's been seven years - they'll surely have cut the power for non-payment by now.

Taken is actually a prequel to The Dark Knight Trilogy
It tells some ofRa's Al Ghul's backstory, with all the names and details changed to preserve confidentially of course.

TDKR spoilers: It's set after his backstory scenes in The Dark Knight Rises, and show what a phenomenally bad idea it was to try and kidnap a teenage Talia.

In the inevitable Taken 3, the kidnapped party will be...
Kim and Jamie's young daughter. (Played, inevitably, by Claire Geare.)
  • Jossed. The third movie's plot isn't even about abduction. Somebody kills Kim's mother. Kim will be kidnapped during the climax.

Jamie is one of Murad's last two sons.
He is living in America to receive a Western Education so that he'll grow up to handle the family's more legitimate business interests. As of the end of Taken 2, he knows now that Bryan is the man who killed his father and brother.
  • Since Jamie was dating Kim before Murad even found out who Bryan was, it'd be one hell of a coincidence that Murad's son just happens to be dating his enemy's daughter. Also, Bryan did a background check on Jamie, and apparently didn't find anything suspicious. If he'd discovered Jamie was an Albanian immigrant who comes from the same area as the slavers in the first movie, that probably would have made him react in some way.

Bryan will team up with The Expendables in Taken 3
Because who better to bring with you to put down the sex traders so hard that they can never possibly recover? Besides, it would be awesome.

Bryan Mills is Darkman.

It all makes sense! Why else would a 50+ year old man have the speed, stamina, and endurance of a man half his age? It's all the adrenaline pumping through his veins 24/7. Sometime between Darkman 3 and Taken, the US government discovered Dr. Westlake's activities. In exchange for his services to the country (and no jail time), they helped Westlake perfect his synthetic skin formula. The US government had a super soldier on their hands and renamed him Bryan Mills. He uses different aliases during the movie so it's obvious Mills is just another cover name. Eventually, he is allowed to retire from his service and this brings us to the present day. This also explains Mills' recklessness and ruthlessness to get to his daughter, because Darkman can get batshit crazy when he's messed with.

Bryan Mills is an Assassin
Not only does he have the know-how and combat skills of an Assassin, sans the hidden blades, but he's also has their type of climbing abilities and the scene where he mentally reconstructs how Kim was taken was reminiscent of investigations that Connor conducted, meaning that he probably has eagle vision.

Given their nearly similar age and skillset...

After the third film, Kim's stepfather will plead guilty and serve life in prison
.Unlike the bad guys Bryan threatened during the previous movies, he believes Bryan will indeed go after him once he leaves prison so he decided he'll be safer there. Bryan will be confused because he's not used to people not daring him to prove he's not bluffing.

If they make a fourth movie, there'll be a scene with Bryan visiting Stuart.
Someone will abduct Kim again and Bryan will suspect Stuart is somehow involved despite being in prison. Stuart has nothing to do with that but will be able to help like Hannibal Lecter.


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