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Shizuma is Suigintou
Or at least related to her. They have a similar style with long silvery hair, long Victorian dresses, size, speech manners and personality. They also have very tragic pasts consisting of rejection and the ones they loved having died. Shizuma is emotionally broken because her past lover is dead, Suigintou because no one, not even Rozen who she loved so much, really cared much for her most of the time. Both worked or try to work themselves up to a leading position to prove they are worth more than anyone else and can be very forceful doing so. Also, Suigintou is assosiated with crosses and the moon, and in the second opening of the Strawberry Panic! anime, Shizuma is seen from the back, facing the moon and standing next to what may or may not be a very very big cross entangled with vines, black feathers flying over the screen.
Kaori Sakuragi suffered from cystic fibrosis
The reason is simple; cystic fibrosis is a disease in which for some strange reason, the body begins to create a thick and sticky mucus all over the body; especially in the lungs. Children are usually the majority of them, victims of this disease ... their symptoms are very similar to COPD and usually end in a complicated emphysema or get complicated with an infection that can lead to death; many children end up connected to oxygen tanks for life. Kaori suffered respiratory symptoms such as cough, breathing difficulties, and apparently; needed an oxygen tank to be able to breathe better; so clearly, it shares the same symptoms as those suffering from cystic fibrosis. Possibly, he died of a complicated emphysema or a contracted infection while he slept... possibly, by going naked in the field a few days ago..

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