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Heartwarming / Strawberry Panic!

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  • The finale plays out as an elopement and a wedding. Shizuma declaring her love in front of everybody, Tamao accepting that Nagisa isn't really hers and pushing her (literally) away... and all the happy endings.
  • In short, pretty much anytime Amane and Hikari are on screen together.
    • Hikari ends up singing too early in a choir performance and publicly humiliating herself in front of the whole school. She thinks about quitting choir due to the humiliation, but Amane talks her out of it, ending with her taking her back to the dorms on horseback.
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    • Amane agreeing to do the school's play after Hikari expresses an interest in seeing her in it.
    • After Amane recovers from her amnesia, the next morning she and Hikari are shown waking up together, having just made love and looking utterly blissful.
  • Chikaru comforting Hikari over Amane's amnesia... with puppets.
  • Amane views Shizuma as her sempai, which is pretty cute. Really, any moment with there two is sweet.
  • During the dance scene in Episode 25, despite the things that have happened between them up to this point, Nagisa says in her mind that she does not regret loving Shizuma.
  • The entire relationship of Shizuma and Kaori.
    • They sneak out of school one night and spend the entire night making love and sleeping blissfully.
  • As villainous and downright nasty they are, Kaname and Momomi truly love each other. The most arguably heartwarming moment is Kaname assuring Momomi that she loves her and wants to be only with her.
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  • A meta example — This picture of Shizuma/Nagisa and Amane/Hikari.

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