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Sting's neck injury at Night of Champions 2015 will force him to retire
Even though he says he's not in any major pain, the injury sounds severe, especially for a 56-year-old man who should have retired at least six years ago (not that I'm complaining, he is my favorite wrestler after all). Even if the surgery helps, it will take a while for him to recover (probably at least a six months to a year) and then Steve will then be another year older, the casual audience will have forgotten him, the hype of his WWE run will have died down, and there isn't much left for him to do in his career at this point. The fact that he's going into the WWE Hall of Fame is further evidence that he may be done. He's in great shape for his age, but he should retire before he ends up badly injured or killed. Regardless...
  • Confirmed.
Sting vs. The Undertaker will never happen
Both men are in their fifties and it seems unlikely that Vince will risk putting them in the ring together after all the recent injuries. Not to mention that based on most accounts, Vince has never considered the match in the first place. Many fans have lost interest in the scenario, and any match the two could put on would never live up to the hype it has generated. Additionally, the Streak has been broken, meaning that neither man would benefit from victory. If Sting won, the fans would likely turn on him for beating the most loved WWE wrestler of all time and if Taker won (which would most likely be the case if this match were to take place) that would be yet another loss under Sting's belt. The match is just better off not happening.
  • Also confirmed.

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