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Ratafak is partially deaf

  • In one episode, he talks about a boxer coming to visit the kids, when it's actually a boxer dog. This could explain why he misleads the children too.

Ratafak is a survivor of previous communist nations

  • Ratafak's old age could suggest that he lived through the Soviet empire or other ones that were under communism. Hence he deliberately acts in a way to make children question authority. The Velvet Revolution was planned by this Magnificent Bastard all along.
    • This would be Fridge Horror if true because he had to watch the atrocities of communism firsthand.
    • Communism in Soviet Union was installed with the October Revolution in 1917 and it ended in 1990. Czechoslovakia was under communists from 1948 to 1989. It was very similar with other countries in the so called Eastern Block, meaning that yes, people who were old in the 1980's have lived through communism and witnessed what it did to society. Communism and totalitarian regime is by all means a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing; most people were persecuted to some degree or forced to collaborate, but some genuinely thought that socialist society is better than capitalism and tried to work around that idea, but not many knew about the worst crimes or their extent.

Ratafak Plachta was an anime character in his past life

  • He has Animesque eyes

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