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Pacifica Casull is God.
As the only one unaffected by the Peacemakers' mass-brainwashing powers (that not even an uber-swordsman like Shannon could resist), she has to exhibit some power a level or two higher than Lords Browning and Mauser, even though she doesn't like to fight.
  • Higher? Mauser was the Peacemakers' boss; she (and presumably Browning) had them well outclassed. Pacifica's abilities stemmed from being the end result of 5,000 years' worth of genetic engineering to the sole end of destroying Mauser, and as I think they explained in the show itself, that's why she was able to resist the brainwashing.
  • For that matter, you could probably make a decent argument for Mauser herself, not least that she already has a church devoted to her... (Granted, if so, she's not much of a capital-g God, but it's anime, what else is new.)
  • Given the resemblances, I figured it's closer to Pacifica being a clone of Celia Mauser. Peacemakers aren't authorized to affect her let alone kill her, and she can break their effect, though not completely order them. Not that she tried. If she was just anti-brainwashing genetic engineering I'd think they could blast her, unless Celia was stopping them. Which she might have been... wasn't the clearest ending I've seen.
    • I'm going to second this. The humans from the distant past had such advanced technology that it could've been possible to just put her genes out into the wild where they'd eventually come back together. They were able to do that with the Guardian Gene. It would also explain the resemblance between Pacifica's siblings and Celia's, and their respective talents (the guys being soldiers and the girls working with technology/"magic"). They're probably clones of the originals as well.

Chris was on Pacifica's side from the beginning.
Even during his battle with Shannon in episode 4, he never seems to be deliberately aiming to kill him. One possible reason for this is that fighting inside the cave would do harm to Winia, who at this point had been part of Pacifica's party until Chris had taken her as a hostage. Since he had no one to fight for as a knight until that point, he chose instead to defend Winia, one of Pacifica and Shannon's new friends.
  • Considering Chris was shown to possess the Guardian gene, appearing on the screen in the fortress with Winia, Shannon, Raquel, Leo, etc., he's genetically predisposed to being on her side before he even meets her. So technically, this is canon.
    • Except he also was with those who Zephiris said did NOT have the gene.
    • She's referring to his subordinates.
    • Is that right? Zefiris seemed to be talking to all of them, and he answers, and I watched the scene very carefully and I didn't see him up on the screen with the other Guardians. A pic would be helpful.

Pacifica couldn't be harmed by the Peacemakers because of her resemblance to Mauser.
There's a distinct resemblance, and the Peacemakers were originally the Valkyries, programmed to obey Mauser. The resemblance is probably good enough that it triggers a safety override in the Peacemakers, intended to protect their master. Browning knew of this, and programmed it into the design of the Providence Breaker, so that the Peacemakers would be unable to destroy her.

Towards the end of the war, some humans almost created a spell with a feedback loop which would destroy Earth
Which would be well foreshadowed if this show ever had a prequel.

The final days of the war were fought After the End
This would explain how all the ruins came about. Perhaps more importantly it would also explain why the war was only fought by about four or five people in the end.

The guardian gene enhances natural ability
Thus why Shannon and Raquel are pretty much the strongest and most capable characters in their respective fields. This wasn't stated outright, but is nonetheless likely true.

The aliens exist on a higher plane than humans
Again, never outright stated, but we never see an alien, and they are made out to be much more enlightened than humans, who are said to be unable to understand their true place in the universe.

Pacifica still possesses powers that could bend or strip back reality
Thus, allowing humanity to ascend to a higher plane of existence.

The World of Scrapped Princess is an Alternate Timeline of Super Robot Wars.
The two main gods mentioned are Mauser and Browning, who could be related to Vindel Mauser and Lemon Browning. It's mythology makes mention of Demons created by the Dark Lord Browning, which could be inferred as the W-Series created Lemon Browning, and the Church of Mauser could denote Vindel's former faction Shadow-Mirrors, who could themselves travel between dimensions. 5000 years prior to the story was a war called the Genesis War, which could also be interpreted as the Divine War, where giant robots fought each other.

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