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Famous Last Words / Scrapped Princess

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  • "Zephi, please. I want you to survive. I know this will be hard for you, but I want you do go on. You have to survive, Zephi, so that you can lend your power to help our children fight in the distant future." Becknam Mauser
  • "I thank you." Gloria
  • "Damn it. Damn it. God damn it." Furet
  • "I'm so sorry, Pamela." Queen Elmyra
  • "Shall I finish him off?" Steyr
  • "Please forgive me. As a prince, I had a duty to protect my people. But at least... I was able to die with her." Prince Forsythe. He gets better.
  • "Hey, Raquel? Where's big brother?" Pacifica Cassul. She gets better.
  • "Now." Socom
  • "I sorry." Cz
  • "Humanity. I return to you now your freedom. I give you new lands and let you behold the true sky above you. There will be no more revelations, no more prophecies. From now on you will have to walk hand in hand with others and choose your own destiny. Mauser is not in the heavens above you. Divinity is within your own hearts. Now is the time for you to weave your own future and decide your own fate." Celia Mauser