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Famous Last Words / Slayers

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  • "Damn you! Just wait till I come back to life!" Dilgear. And he does, at least in the manual.
  • "I could recover over a lengthy period, and do battle with you again... but no... I choose to honor you, and accept my destruction. Here, I die." Rezo-Shabranigdu
  • "Thank you. I'm sorry..." Rezo
  • "If possible, I wish to be buried beneath Flagohn. This great tree shall be my monument." Copy Rezo
  • "I had thought that... there was no opponent... who could defeat me... but... Rubia... if it is you who destroys me... then all is as it must be." Halcyform, novel version
    • "Rubia! Forgive me, Rubia!" Halcyform, anime version
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  • "No! I, defeated by a mere sorceress!?" Zanaffar, novel version
  • "Mock... me." Zuuma-Seigram, novel version
    • "This is my way of life! Don't second-guess me!" Zuuma, anime version
  • "Yes, it should disappear, this false Sairaag." Sylphiel's father
  • "No! This isn't what I wanted...!" Hellmaster Fibrizo
  • "I take full responsibility... but I never made a mistake!" The Supreme Elder
  • "At last, I die." Valgaav