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"Patient Zero" was an import from Britain
The movie takes place in the same continuity as Shaun of the Dead, where there was a contained zombie outbreak a decade before and zombies are kept for research, menial jobs and entertainment. The early evacuation and later military crackdown show that the authorities were aware of the risk and had a response planned, which was because they already knew about the British incident. The response was just poorly implemented, most likely, due to budget cuts.
  • I guess the zombie virus mutated, since the SGTTZA zombies are slightly smarter and slightly faster than the Shaun Of The Dead zombies.
  • Alternatively, it was a secondary outbreak of the one in Cockneys vs. Zombies. That film and Scouts Guide have similar attitudes about their subject matter, although the former has far less raunchy teen humor and the latter has a lot less swearing.

If sequels are ever made, a different monster will be used as the primary antagonist
  • Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, then Scout's Guide to the Werewolf Apocalypse, then Scout's Guide to the Vampire Apocalypse.

We'll get a crossover between this movie and Halloween
It would be titles Scouts Vs. Zombies and Michael Myers.

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