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Funny / Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

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  • The begining of the plague thanks to the idiot janitor trying to give CPR to patient zero. Specially when he's about to give him mouth-to-mouth, but sees his repulsive, bloody teeth. He proceeds to drop a bunch of Tic-Tacs inside his mouth.
  • Carter is the (unintended) source of these:
  • When our heroes find the trampoline outside the second floor window and get the idea to bounce out to safety, Ben gets delayed when he finds the journal they were looking for, and by the time he's at the window the trampoline is overrun with zombies. Cue Denise making a distraction as Ben hangs on for dear life with his other hand... from a zombie dick. Until it comes off. At least Ben's okay, but...
    Ben: I got it! (raises the wrong hand and waves said zombie dick around. Cue Squick.)
  • Somewhere between this and CMoA when the scouts break into a hardware store, for the most beautifully low-budget Lock-and-Load Montage you will ever see.
  • The zombie using the trampoline.
  • The zombie using the mobile scooter.
  • A zombie tries and fails to reach Augie....while Augie's taking a dump, wiping his own ass, and then using a spray bottle to freshen up the room.
  • The zombie policewoman gets stuck on a fence, which results in her breasts being exposed. Carter cops a feel and runs away.
    • Especially funny since the scene is shot in slow motion with a an extreme closeup of Carter's face expressing his joy at seeing the cop's chest. Then as they run away, one of the group shouts "They're probably fake!"

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