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This movie is the werewolf getting revenge from when they almost lost Winnie in ghoul school
He finds out about Revulta and runs away knowing that Shaggy is next in line to be the werewolf.
when the monsters come back at the end they abduct Scrappy and Googie and send them to a far off dimension where they have been ever since
It explains why they are never seen or mentioned. It also would make for an interesting sequel as the series seems to be making sequels to all their older works now.

This film is an allegory for Organized Crime.
Dracula is the chief of police, Crunch and Brunch are detectives, Wolfgong is the secretery, the other members are all officers. The Gang is arrested at the drive in, transported the the Castle (prison) Until they make bail (when they win the race} After they escape they flee to some other country, where the ending scene takes place. At the end, the detectives find them and they are brought back.

Googie died in a car accident after this film

The movie is a nightmare Shaggy had after the events of Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School
It explains the existence of Googie who was never mentioned again. It would also explain several of the monsters appearing in this film and seeming out of continuity.

Shaggy's werewolf curse ties back to Shaggy the first
Years ago the green-skinned line of the Dracula family owned the magical moonlight medallion. It was stolen from them by Shaggy the first and his pet the real Nasty Doo. The medallion had been their way of producing new werewolves for their kingdom. Shaggy and Nasty learned the hard way about how the medallion worked with legends being formed of Shaggy the first being a werewolf and Nasty being a were-doo. In the modern time Dracula had to get other werewolf lines to fill the roll but they never stayed. When Dracula lost his last one he feared with no medallion he had no other werewolves left. However the years of being a werewolf made the curse become hereditary and it was recorded in the Grimmest Book of Records that one member of his line would meet the requirement without the medallion, aka Sha-Ghee!

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