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Funny / Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf

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  • The Crowd during the big race, especially whenever Dracula gets hurt.
    Dracula: Louder!
    Peasants: Yay.
    Dracula: Louder!
    Peasants: Yay.
    Dracula: LOUDER!!
    Peasants: ...Yay.
    Dracula: (Face Palm) Oy!
  • This Exchange between Crunch and Brunch when they try to use a microphone near a dripping tap:
    Brunch: This will blow their minds, as well as their ears, now take the microphone, old boy, and hold it near the water.
    Crunch: Blokay. [puts the microphone under the leaky faucet, causing it to electrocute them both and blow up]
    Brunch: I say pick up your ears old friend, I said NEAR the water not IN it.
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  • Another Brunch and Crunch moment, as they attempted to keep Shaggy up at the night of the Big Race dressing up as cats:
    Brunch: [he and Crunch are imitating cats on a fence to keep Shaggy up] Meow, rather, meow, I say, meow.
    [Frankenstein throws his shoes at them and knocks them out]
    Frankenstein: Doggone kitty cats.
  • After Shaggy discovers that he really is a werewolf:
    Shaggy: Scooby, old buddy, old pal, what'll I do? Scooby? (catches Scooby trying to sneak away) Come back here! (pulls Scooby back into the car they're hiding in by his tail)
  • When the Hunch Bunch return to Dracula's castle with the gang in tow, they see Drac' waiting for them on the castle's drawbridge. Crunch tries to his a remote to open the castle's rooftop opening for the bat-copter, but this causes the drawbridge to go up at poor Dracula's expense.
    Brunch: Oh, bad aim, old boy. I think we're in hot water now.
    Dracula: (Via computer phone) "Hot water" nothing! I'm going to put you both in boiling oil!
    • Later, when the Hunch Bunch try to land the copter inside the castle, it gets stuck. Dracula demands that they at least release Shaggy's car (Which they are carrying by a tow cable). But Crunch releases the cable while Drac' is standing under the car!
    Brunch: (To Crunch) Oh, I do wish you'd consulted me before doing that.
    (Dracula pulls himself out from Shaggy's car. At this point, the copter slips through the entryway, landing on top of him)
    Brunch: I say, I wonder kind of oil the master will boil us in- Machine oil or motor oil?
  • When checking on how the Hunch Bunch are doing in turning Shaggy into a werewolf, Dracula appears before the pair in his boxer shorts. As soon as he leaves, he leaves his boxer shorts behind.
    Brunch: Master! Wha- what are you doing here?
    Dracula: Ah! But I am not here! I am transmitting my image with my new "Bat-Laser". How do I look? (Opens cape, revealing that his pants are gone)
    Brunch: I think something got lost in the transmission, sire...
    • Even better: when Dracula disappears, he leaves his boxers behind. Imagine what he must've looked like when he got back... on second thought, don't.


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