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Lyfia is the Avatar of Hel and the one that brought the Gold Saints back to harness the power of Yggdrasil
  • And Shaka has figured it out already.
  • Seems to be in its way to be confirmed. Lyfia was possesed to go, specifically, to the chamber of the dead.

There will be an episode about Shura and Aioros (since they are the only two not shown up until episode 3)
  • More precisely, it will be about the two of them mending their friendship after Shura killing Aioros under Evil!Saga's orders.
    • Almost right. The episode was about Shura and Aioria mending their friendship. As of episode 6 Aioros appeared as well, in a completely unrelated way.

Andreas is Hades in disguise, and the one who revived the Gold Saints
  • Jossed. Andreas from the Norse pantheon, specifically Loki.

Camus will switch sides (again) in/after episode 7
  • Confirmed. Seeing Surt kill an exhausted Shura in cold blood made him realize that his friend has become a monster and dies fighting him and destroying the Fire Statue.

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