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Heartwarming / Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

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  • In episode 8, Shaka makes Balder regain his empathy at the end of their fight, which is heartwarming of itself, and a proof of great Character Development compared to his callous self from the Sanctuary saga. However, doing so makes Balder lose his invulnerability and feel all the pain he should have endured during his years as a warrior at once. So Shaka, who had already activated Tenbu Horin, removes his sense of touch to let him die peacefully.
  • Deathmask, who was once the Sanctuary's biggest asshole and didn't give a damn about collateral damage, finding a way to save the souls of Helena's siblings from Fafner.
    • Though this started with episode 4 when, after pointing out he is pretty much the weakest Gold Saint and a total loser, he is truly moved that the Cancer Cloth would give him a second chance and when he finally burns his Cosmo for justice, materializing his God Cloth in the process.
  • Saga getting to fight for justice, without being hampered by an evil personality or having to disguise himself as a bad guy, is nice to see.

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