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If Prozzäk does release a new album, it will have a duet with Studio Killers.

"The Legend Of Simon and Milo" is fictional in-universe.
  • Despite the story claiming that they're actually soldiers transported centuries into the future, there are no references to it anywhere in their songs, despite their being references to being alive in the 20th century. It's possible that, in the same way it was done with their actual live-shows, Simon and Milo just like to play this before concerts to hype up the crowd.

Simon and Milo are each others' true love.
  • They are there for each other for years on end, through thick and thin, yet Simon is oblivious to the possible fact that the love of his life might be in front of him this whole time.
    • Considering that Jason Lavine is bi and the band's music is all based on personal experiences, this may not be too far off.

Simon will finally find true love in Forever 1999.

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