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Heartwarming / Prozzak

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  • "Be As." Apart from being the least depressing song in Prozzak's catalogue, it has a very sincere message of acceptance and self-pride.
  • Any time Milo tries to cheer up Simon. Anyone with depression who has a best friend that's always looking out for them can relate.
  • In a recent interview, when asked if he'd ever reunite with James when the opportunity came up, Jay immediately replied "One-hundred percent!" And he wasn't lying!
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  • When the band showed up for their first concert in fourteen years, they expected, at most, a couple hundred people. Instead, the room was so packed with excited fans that it almost became a fire hazard.
  • Simon hugging Milo and his cat Miles at the end of the "Love Me Tinder" Video.
  • "Forever 1999" is ensured to get plenty of millennials and gen xers crying nostalgic Tears of Joy.

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