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Stu is James Bond in between missions.
Very little is known about Stu within the story. It's possible James Bond gave Miranda a false name and was trying not to attract attention to himself.

Daniel was finding the right face for the voice
When Daniel tries out masks, make-up and wigs, he talks in different voices, based on the looks, despite the fact that he had already used a voice over the phone. This is seen as Rule of Funny, but perhaps he wasn't trying to find matching voices. Perhaps he was just talking in whatever voices matched, until he found one that the voice he used went well with.
  • Daniel is teasing his brother about how far off the makeup is when he's doing all those voices. He already demonstrated the voice of Mrs. Doubtfire to them off-camera, and they were trying to find something that would match the voice. The Cuban woman, the old Jewish lady, and Barbra Streisand were just bad tries, and Daniel was basically having fun teasing about how the makeup was way far off from the voice he was wanting to match.

The sequel would have had a Love Interest for Daniel.
Since he's still divorced and deserve some happiness.

Mrs. Doubtfire's facial mask formula (homemade frosting) really does work
Mrs. Sellner tries it and it works. She quits her job as a social worker and makes good a career out of mass-producing and selling it, with other selections that involve skin-therapy ingredients and are also edible.


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