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Awesome / Mrs. Doubtfire

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  • When Daniel (dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire) thwarts a purse-snatcher who assumed he was a frail old lady.
    Daniel: (not bothering to disguise his voice) BACK OFF, ASSHOLE! BEAT IT!
    (the crook runs off)
    Daniel: (somewhat back in his Doubtfire voice) Broke my bag, the bastard.
  • Miranda's reaction when her husband is unmasked. Sally Field really gets to show off her acting chops with the wide range of emotions she puts on in that moment.
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  • Daniel's disguise, full stop. For his guise as Mrs. Doubtfire, the film received a very well-deserved Academy for Best Makeup that year.
  • The crew having the guts to change the studio's preferred Tastes Like Diabetes ending where Daniel and Miranda get back together for a far more believable Bittersweet Ending of them staying divorced but Daniel getting equal time with the kids.
  • Robin Williams actually did toss the remote into the fishtank behind his back. On every take.

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