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The Enchatress’s motivation.
  • Friend, relative or lover of Bori Khan.
    • Jossed. Their relationship is a purely mutual alliance.
    • And they don't even like each other - he dismisses her and she only helps him because no one else accepted her with her powers.

"A Girl Worth Fighting For" will be sung as a marching song.
  • It'd be a clever way to realistically squeeze in the song. Perhaps it'll be sung in Chinese.
  • Jossed, the song is instead referenced through spoken dialogue from Mulan's army buddies.

Xian Lang isn't a Canon Foreigner.
  • She's a new version of Hayabusa, Shan Yu's falcon from the animated film. The second trailer shows her transforming into a falcon, after all.
  • Confirmed.

Mushu will return...
  • As the ghost human son of Fa Deng (the one ancestor who lost his head because of him in the original film) who desperately seeks pardon by joining Mulan and trying to help her. Still having dragon motifs, though.
    • Jossed. As mentioned above, Mushu is confirmed not to be appearing in this film.

Despite not appearing in the movie, Mushu will be referenced in some form.
  • In a Mythology Gag, an artwork featuring a dragon with Mushu's color scheme will be shown at some point in the movie.
  • Confirmed. The phoenix (who more or less serves as an Expy to Mushu) bears his color scheme, and the Emperor's throne room contains two large statues that resemble him.

Xian Lang will start out as The Dragon and will betray Bori Khan and become the actual Big Bad.
  • One shot in the trailer shows her in front of the Emperor's throne seemingly being confronted by Mulan. She's also the one with the magic and is using it to aid Bori Khan and she appears to be more personal antagonist to Mulan given the they both appear together in the trailer at several points such as her telling Mulan the Imperial Army will kill her if they learn she's a woman and taunting her. She also appears to consider her a worthy opponent compared to Bori Khan when he dismisses her as a girl and she states she's a warrior in response.
  • Confirmed and jossed. Xian Lang does indeed betray Khan, but through a Heel–Face Turn. In the end, she sides with Mulan.

There will be a human version of Mushu
  • There will be a human in red clothes, named Mushu in the remake, and it will serve as an easter egg or a mythological gag.
  • Jossed.

Xian Lang started the plot of the film
  • The trailers and Disney have not hesitated to make it clear that Xian Lang is the main antagonist, and that Bori Khan, despite being the leader clearly sees her as an equal. Given the powers that Xian Lang possess, turning into a falcon, telekinetically grabbing weapons, misdirection and illusion, it is entirely possible that Lang killed Bori Khan's father, and used her powers to make it look like China was responsible for the act.
  • Jossed. The Emperor was the one who killed Khan's father, fueling his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Xian Lang only serves as Khan's Dragon.

Xian Lang reveals Mulan's identity
  • The second trailer makes it clear Xian Lang discovers Mulan's real gender and taunts her over it, while the third trailer reveals that she clearly told Bori Khan about it, though he reacts with nonchalance. It is entirely possible that Xian decided to reveal after the big mountain battle to Commander Tung Mulan's real identity to get her out of the way.
  • Jossed. While Xian Lang is indirectly responsible for the reveal, Mulan herself is the one who decides to drop the masquerade.

"Reflection" will be the end credits song.

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