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Shepard is going to take a major Renegade decision.
You can call it Character Derailment, but in Mass Vexations 2, Shepard is turning Paragade. It would be a perfect Oh, Crap! moment for Art if Shepard gives the Collector base to Cerberus.
  • Jossed about the base- Shepard blew it up.

The Shadow Broker knows about Art.
Can you picture it? Art follows Liara and Shepard into the Lair of the Shadow Broker and comes face to face with the yahg, who gives a whole new meaning to "scary well-informed".
Shadow Broker: You travel with interesting companions, doctor. Has Mr. *** *** *** told you he isn't from this universe, Dr. T'Soni?
  • Confirmed.

Art will end up saving Tali's father
Calling it now. Probably the only way Tali would realistically forgive Art for not telling her about what was going to happen to her father.
  • Confirmed.

Erik Satie's Vexations
does exist in the Mass Effect universeExcept it was created by one of the other races, under a different name.
  • Though this wouldn't really help him considering he died in his original universe.

Something involving Time Lords and/or Haruhi.
It's just not a WMG page unless there's one of these entries. Maybe they sent Art to the ME universe?
  • Perhaps the Doctor himself will end up involved in fighting the Reapers.

Art's Loyalty Mission will be tracking down Mass Effect's version of the Origami Killer, and will involve the dream briefcases from Inception.
  • It's already strongly implied that Art's weird dreams involve Inception somehow, and his most recent one is modeled after a dream sequence that was cut from Heavy Rain - one of several that showed a supernatural link between Ethan Mars and the killer.
  • Jossed for Art, but confirmed to be Madison's Loyalty Mission

Art's first name is Arthur
Speaks for itself. There are only three astericks left, so logically his name should be Arthur.
  • What about Arturo?
  • Whatever floats your boat.

Art will perform Inception at some point
And it will be the most ridiculously awesome mission in the whole series.

The B plot will end with Art and co riding to the rescue.
They've got the daughter of the prosecutor on board. You just know they're going to rescue Shepard's ass by derailing Mirani's entire 'humans are evil' mindset.

Kai Leng WILL return.
Nobody ever saw fit to make sure he was dead when they left him on Kahje. And Cerberus IS known for resurrecting the dead...
  • Confirmed, obviously. He manages to off Liara and Garrus before the latter drops him into the protein vat and they both die for real.

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