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  • Remember when Kate mentioned her fridge stayed cold during magic waves because of an expensive ice sprite egg? One day, Kate is going to look in the fridge for some apple pie and find that egg has hatched. Given Kate's luck, its first reaction isn't going to be "Mommy!"
    • As of Magic Bleeds, Kate doesn't own that refrigerator anymore.
  • Based off of comments Kate makes in Magic Rises, Roland is really Gilgamesh.
    • And the weapons that he made were actually taken from the Gate of Babylon.
    • In a side-story from Curran's POV, Jim's research points him toward Gilgamesh being one of Roland's children, so either he got it wrong, or it's Jossed.
    • Kate more or less confirms that Roland is Gilgamesh/or the legend of Gilgamesh is based off him. Also Enkidu was Arez (the first Preceptor of the Iron Dogs) and he later became Ares (the Greek/Roman god of war) when the Greeks/Romans started worshiping him as such. Also, Roland's mom is Semiramis/or the source of her legend.
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  • The rumors about the group Elara's people split off from committing human sacrifice a few flares back are true and Elara herself was the sacrifice, who survived by bonding somehow with the white Eldritch Abomination she draws her magic from.

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