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  • Complete Monster: Neig the Undying, also known as Neamadh and Nemed, is an ancient dragon who ruled the British Isles in the distant past when magic was last power. In Magic Triumphs, he makes his return, horrifically murdering the inhabitants of several towns to feed on their bones and increase his power, along with anyone who might possibly get in his way as he seeks to re-establish his rule. He uses his venom to corrupt human victims into psychotic yeddimmur, and even those of his minions who remain human still tend to be ensorcelled to burn themselves alive once they've delivered his messages as a show of power. A being who enslaves and tortures gods for his own amusement, Neig desires nothing less than complete domination of the world—and in the end, he'd likely end up destroying it out of malice and boredom. Even Roland fears to face him, firmly cementing his stature as the most monstrously terrifying and apocalyptic villain across the entire series.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants - Hugh D'Ambray, now to be made canon in Book 9.5. Also Roland.
  • Nausea Fuel - The description of dead shapeshifter Joshua's body in the fourth book. He is covered in hard red bumps except for the places where he has open sores, and then his nose comes off. Euurgh.


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