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  • Kate and Curran's first meeting.
  • Doolittle, especially when he's taking care of Kate.
  • Grendel, the attack poodle. He will eat your car and throw up on your rug.
  • Andrea in Gunmetal Magic: "This is the hand that slapped Aunt B. Here, you can touch it, since you're my best friend."
  • Saiman adding his own touch to the security video of Curran demolishing his fleet of sportscars barehanded: he set it to the tune of "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal.
    Curran: "He set it to music?"
    Kate: "His exact words were, ‘It begged for a soundtrack.’ ”
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  • During a conversation with Aunt B, Kate learns she's getting the 'cookie' of bringing Andrea and Raphael to Europe with her. Then she learns Aunt B is coming too and thinks "Dear God, the cookie was poisoned!"
  • Kate and Curran playing pranks on each other in Magic Bleeds, but especially when Curran glues her butt to the chair. Kate then trying to act nonchalant about it when she's talking to Saiman really is the icing on the cake.
    • This part.
    The moment Andrea squirted acetone into my chair via syringe, the glue decided to have a chemical reaction, which set my behind on fire. It took me less than five seconds to cut through my pants. It took approximately half an hour before I dared to land again and I had to spend my day sitting on a bag of ice, which I had chipped from the street outside. The ice was cold and my ass hurt.
    • The reveal that Curran didn't realize that Kate welded his press bar to his weight bench. He apparently spent fifteen minutes trying to lift the bar before smashing the bench itself.
  • At the end of Magic Slays we learn that Kate snores and resembles "a small cuddly Tasmanian devil. Kind of cute when sleeping, all claws and teeth when awake," and that Curran occasionally turns into a lion in his sleep.
  • Almost the entirety of the family dinner at Applebee's in Magic Shifts. Especially the poor waiter overhearing Kate and Roland's unfortunate history, arguing over how tall Roland's new residence can be, and the discussion of their ancestors' exploits.
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  • At the end of Magic Bites, a mopey, Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder-suffering Kate hearing a loud banging noise in her house and going outside to find Curran and Derek nonchalantly sitting on the roof, hammering in shingles (the roof was previously broken by Curran). Because it's their responsibility.
    Kate: (dully deadpan) "Get off my roof."
  • In Magic Bites, Kate and Curran almost get into an all-out fight and are separated by Mahon. Mahon orders Curran to go meditate and for Kate to go work off her stress on a punching bag. The funny part comes when Kate realizes Mahon doesn't have any authority to tell either of them to do anything...twenty minutes into her workout.
  • In Magic Binds, Roland calls Kate to have an argument...and then immediately, with no segue, switches to complaining that her wedding is too modest to befit her status as a princess and she should turn the planning over him so he can make it the kind of extravagant spectacle he thinks she ought to have. (And how did he get an invitation? Roman, who spends the entire book wedging decisions about cake and the dress and other wedding planning things in between Kate trying to solve the, uh, impending war, sent it!)
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  • Julie summarizing the confrontation between Bran and Kate: "He likes you. He touched your butt."
  • Eight-months pregnant Desandra complains that if one of her children kicks her in the bladder again, she's going to punch back...and then has to explain that no, she didn't mean that literally.
  • In Iron and Magic, Hugh needs a new horse (Kate still has his last one). He likes to ride pure-black Friesans suitable for your local scary goth...but the only horse he can get is Bucephalus, aka Bucky, who's white. And, quite probably, part unicorn.
  • In Magic Triumphs, Roland bursts onto the scene at a critical moment during the book's climax...and Desandra, shocked, immediately blurts:
    "Your dad is hot!"
  • In one of the side stories, Jim meets Dali's mother...who begins immediately calculating his worthiness for her daughter.
    Jim: "I like how rich overrode black."


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