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The Wonder Twins made a mistake, they've actually cloned the Crime Syndicate
  • They either misread the Cadmus samples, or Cadmus mislabelled them. The twins have instead cloned Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick and Power Ring, with patchy memories, and are trying to make them superheroes.
  • It explains why Batman and Superman are so antagonistic, Superman's arrogance, and why Wonder Woman loves fighting so much. These qualities fit the Crime Syndicate better than the Justice League
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  • It also explains the lack of Cyborg and Aquaman in the new 3000 line-up. Grid has no DNA to clone, and Sea King was killed before Cadmus could encounter him.
  • This would also offer a partial explanation as to why GL's powers were gradually killing him, as Power Ring's ring gradually caused tumors and other body horrors to its wielders over time.
    • Of course the lack of Deathstorm's clone needs to be explained. Perhaps Deathstorm is technically undead, with no DNA to clone.
  • It explains why this new Justice League don't look quite like their modern counterparts, as the Crime Syndicate look slightly physically different to the Justice League.

The Wonder Twins accidentally cloned the Teen Titans instead of the Justice League
  • The Flash looks more like Wally West, with his red hair and green eyes.
  • Superman's attitude is more reminiscent of early Superboy than Superman.
  • Batman would therefore be one of the cloned Robins.
  • However no present Wonder Woman sidekick or Green Lantern resemble the clones here.
    • However there are other Human Green Lanterns (Simon Baz, John Stewart, Kyle Rainer, Guy Gardener and Alan Scott) and other Amazons. They could be cloned from those (Well, Simona and John would be unlikely in GL's case)

Justice League 3000's universe is on Brainiac's ship
  • The Convergence event says Brainiac has a collection of different Earths on his ship, from before the various reboots. This universe is the Pre-Zero Hour Justice League International universe

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