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  • Batman doesn't want to be saved by Superman and shows this by slapping a bomb on his face.
    • Later, Batman saves Green Lantern and Superman points out the hypocrisy.
    Superman: Let me get this straight. You save Green Lantern and that's just fine, but I save you and it's some kind of crime against humanity?
    Batman: That's essentially it.
  • Everyone saying that the Flash used to be more positive.
    Batman: They look at us like we're lab rats.
    Flash: Well aren't we?
    Batman: Y'know, you really were sunnier back in the day...
  • Superman leaping to his near death, refusing to listen to everyone's insistence that he can no longer fly.
  • While fighting Locus, Green Lantern uses a constructed hand to poke her in the eyes, Three Stooges-style.
  • Supergirl is modeled after her Bronze Age incarnation... which means she's no patience for fools and is very snarky.
    • In Justice League 3001 #3:
      Supergirl: I'm confused, Flash. I thought we were going back to the League's headquarters.
      The Flash: This is our headquarters.
      Supergirl: In a castle...?
      Flash: You've got to admit— it's unique.
    • And in the fifth issue:
      Batman: There's another Batman here on Takron-Galtos, Supergirl. And, from what I've learned— he's a dangerous lunatic.
      Supergirl: So he's just like you.
      Batman: I'm not some bloodthirsty vigilante.
      Supergirl: Ah, the benefits of a damaged memory.
      Batman: What are you saying?
      Supergirl: I knew you, Bruce... the REAL you... A thousand years ago. Bravest man I ever met.
      Batman: Thank you.
      Supergirl: And the craziest.
      Batman: That's not the way I remember it.
    • You wouldn't believe how funny Batman and Supergirl's banter may be:
      Batman: What do you think you're doing?
      Supergirl: Saving you...?
      Batman: I don't need saving!
      Supergirl: Well, excuse me for trying to help!
      Batman: You're as bad as your cousin, you know that?
      Supergirl: No need to insult me!
      Batman: That was pretty low. Sorry.
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  • In the fifth issue, the Starro envoy has trouble figuring out restrooms...
    Starro: Forgive the delay, Guy Gardner. The Starro consciousness is unfamiliar with these units.
    Guy: It ain't exactly a complex piece of equipment!
    Starro: This need for constant waste disposal is a serious flaw in your species' biological design structure.
    Guy: Really? An' havin' a starfish on your face while some obnoxious cosmic jackass uses your body for his own amusement is a good thing?
  • Ice vouches for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold's competence... well, after a fashion.
    Fire: Please! We're going to launch a covert operation with those two idiots?
    Ice: They're far more capable than they appear. I think. I hope.


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