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  • In issue #3, Green Lantern refuses to speak to Locus the Reality Warper, despite the fact that she can kill him in an infinite number of ways. When he finally speaks, he says that once he gets his cloak back, he is going to kick her ass.
    • And he does. He puts up a good fight against her.
  • In the second issue of Justice League 3001 the Leaguers are fighting the Starro's spawn, and are being inexorably overwhelmed when Supergirl crash-lands on the planet, gets out of her rocket and within one minute has found and subdued Starro Prime.
    Supergirl: This war— is over! Starro-Prime here has agreed to a truce!
    The Flash: How in the world did you find him so fast?
    Supergirl: Telescope vision... X-Ray vision... Infrared vision—
    The Flash: (sighing) I think you're my hero.


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