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The whole story definitely is a Troll Fic.
Evidence in favour:
  • The story takes all the obvious cliches about the fringes of the conservative American fundamentalist branch of Christianity possible.
  • The author makes very basic errors in Christian doctrine and practice which no believer of that position would make unless she was very, very lacking in understanding:
    • Apparently Christians are just good people who want to go to heaven, with no reference to repenting and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour or being His followers;
    • Even the most ardent believers in miracles rarely regularly pray to God to create them a full cooked breakfast ex nihilo, or expect angels to deliver them mail;
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    • The only place to learn how to be a good Christian is a school called Hogwarts, and not your local church or anything like that?
  • "Voldemort" in the final chapter sounds rather too much like he actually is the sort of atheist who would create a troll account on Reddit in order to satirize Straw Atheist types, not the fictional parody of a fundamentalist housewife, and seems to be a metaphor for what the author would be doing with the story were it a parody. Voldemort even posts "I am a troll" and vows to never post on the account again. Sounds a bit too familiar to the account proudhousewife made.
  • Would any fundamentalist Christian end with the line "They knew that, if they screamed loud enough, they could change the world"? Sounds a lot like mockery.

"Voldemort" is an Author Avatar.
With the Reddit account being a metaphor for the story, the satirizing of atheist stereotypes relating to the mocking the character (and other Straw Atheist characters) has been given, and the decision to out himself and end it with the way the story has suddenly ended. And unlike the rest of the characters, he seems to be
the only one with any amount of chill.

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