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YMMV / Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles

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  • Acceptable Religious Targets: Essentially each Hogwarts house is a different sect, and they chose to have Slyntherin represent the Catholics, probably due to how many hardcore Evangelicals (such as Jack Chick) tend to view Catholics with scorn.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • This dramatic reading plays Hagrid likes he’s a pedophile; in the accompanying art he keeps staring at Harry a bit too hard, and the description of the first chapter jokes on how unsuspicious it is for strange man to kidnap children.
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    • Whether Voldemort is an Author Avatar or not is still left unconfirmed.
  • Designated Villain: The Dursleys. As much as the story claims that they are horrible, abusive parents, everything we actually see of them indicates that they are a perfectly functional, loving family, especially compared to the cult that this version of Hogwarts is. Heck, even Dudley appears to genuinely like Harry in this version, going by the one line he gets! Really the story seems to act as if these Dursleys are no different from the ones in the canon, despite the fact that they are really only the Dursleys In Name Only. Mrs. Dursley even promises Harry that he can have a second birthday, when one of the hallmarks of Harry's neglect is the fact that he never got any himself.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Unintentionally done to the Dursleys, of all people, whose only real "crime" is not believing in God and being too preachy about "the Dawkins". They otherwise seem to be fine parents for Harry. Also done to Voldemort, whose evil deeds can be summed up as "made a troll atheist account online and may or may not be an Author Avatar".
  • Funny Moments: Everything, just everything about this fanfic. It’s rightfully the most cringeworthy and infamous Harry Potter fanfic after “My Immortal”.
    • The fact that Grace Ann Parsons describes Hagrid’s moose head as “tasteful”.
  • Ho Yay: Since Harry is the point of view character, Grace Ann Parsons’s lusting for “Mr. Snape” feels like Harry has a big crush.
  • No Yay:
  • Poe's Law: One of the main things that people discuss about this fic is whether or not it's a satire or not. Given the reviews, the people who think it's real tend to have not read the whole fic while the people who think it's satirical read the ending.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Heavily downplayed, but Ron and his entire family are "Slytherin Hats", which is depicted as the worst hat. Ron himself isn't evil, though; just misguided.
  • Squick: See No Yay.
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  • Values Dissonance: If it is serious and not invoking Deliberate Values Dissonance, it can definitely come across as this to anybody that doesn't live the same fundamentalist Christian homeschool lifestyle the author endorses.

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