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Everything in Haruhi-chan is...mostly canon
Related to the below, but not as detailed; everything in both series is canon, but is subject to Broad Strokes. Most of the Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny is edited out, but things like Haruhi's Charles Atlas Super Power dodgeball game in episode 5, Haruhi's scavenger hunt in episode 7, Yuki's omnipresent geekiness, and even, perhaps, the resurrected chibi Asakura, are canon to the orignal series, but Played for Laughs in this version of the series.

Churuya-san is mostly not canon, although things like her love of smoked cheese and perhaps Ashakura's crush on Kyon might be canon.

  • One discrepancy appears in episode 19, which clashes with parts of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. But if we look at this as taking place shortly after the novel, and as Haruhi's planned party, it makes more sense. Taniguchi got stood up on his date.

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  • Many of the events portrayed did occur in the books (although not in such a comedic and over-the-top form). The characters do have a Setsubun celebration including eating huge uncut sushi rolls (which Nagato still devours almost at once). The girls do get together for a Valentine's Day chocolate cook-off although it happens "off screen" and is only mentioned at the end of "The Sigh" novel when all is revealed about the story.

  • When Achakura destroys Nagatos laptop. Oh. My. God.

Mikuru-chan is Jesus.
She was put on a cross by Haruhi. And then there's the whole time travel thing. Therefore, she was put on the cross for our sins and the sins of the future.

Mori-san is the Chuck Norris of the Haruhi world.
She freaking jumps into school buildings and causes craters when she skydives, and remains unscathed! Maybe Haruhi-chan wanted to give a human godlike powers to match her own.

Tsuruya is an Airbender.
As proven in episode 17. Her symbol is a Crane, which is a bird, which is a symbol of wind!
  • Not just an Airbender. She's the Avatar. The next Eartbender Avatar would most likely be male (since Kyoshi was female) and the next Firebender and Airbender incarnations would be female (to counter Roku and Aang). Thus, two incarnations after Korra, we have Tsuruya!

Kyon is The Flash
As proven in Nyoron episode 2.

Yuki's doujin game also has a Taniguchi, Kunikida, and Computer President route.
Yuki is aware that Kyon is the LOATS. She may have even put Shamisen as a route!
  • Alternatively, Yuki simply has no real knowledge of intergender/interspecies relationships - and may well assume such routes to be no big deal.
    • So yaoi fangirls are alien computer monsters? I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!
      • But it also means those fangirls now have the ability to alter reality as we know it. And that means such power... was given to me...! It's a tough thing to swallow, being able to reprogram things like that... I can make the world any way I want... Nah, I'll pass. Things are fine the way they are.

EVERYTHING in both series is canon
Nagato's character development eventually turns her into a full-on boke yuri/yaoi fangirl. And she moves to videogames, because, well, she's read every book available already. Asakura does return as a chibi, and character development makes her fall in love with Kyon (and her reduced size makes her develop a new catchphrase, "not possible"). Meanwhile, Haruhi's powers mess with Tsuruya, first turning her into a superpowered badass, then into a chibi ("I wish she was even cuter!" were probably Haruhi's words). Who lives with Kyon temporarily, at least until some cure is found, and ends up kind of disliked by everyone. Understandable, because after a few months of whining about smoked cheese and going "nyoro~n" every 20 seconds, even saints would get annoyed. Nagato temporarily rewrites reality to allow a silent mode for her, too. Meanwhile, chibi-Asakura's existance has been revealed, and of course Kyon is none too pleased with either her return or her attentions. Mikuru... is just having a bad week, never mind that.
  • It still doesn't explain how Achakura's name became Ashakura later on.
    • She had it changed.
  • Then explain how Churuya is behind Tsuruya in the opening of Episode 25. How is she right there if, according to your theory, she was created after the events of Haruhi-chan?

Yuki's personality in Haruhi-chan is exactly the same as in the main series
The only difference here being that here she has no filter of any kind as opposed to the main series where she's so stifled.

As we've established that Mikuru is Jesus, and from there it's a logical extension that Mikuru is Haruhi, and she's a Time Lord by virtue of being a time traveller, Mikuru is also Shinji Ikari.
In the words of Kinky Friedman, "why the hell not".
  • One more thing. She's also you.
    • And, she's ash's father.
      • And she's The Stig.

The series takes place in another Alternate Universe created by Yuki
A good chunk of the series is about Yuki, Ashakura, Mr.Kimidori. Its not too hard to believe that Yuki wanted to live in a world where she got along with her Alien peers, as seen in The Disappearance with Asakura. Besides that Yuki has more defining emotions and wants than her actual persona.

Haruhi-chan takes place in a universe created by Haruhi after watching Lucky Star
An actual crossover with Lucky Star seemed to unrealistic for her so she just made everyone in her world chibi, gave herself Konata's voice and made Yuki an Otaku.

The series is Konata's fanfiction
She wrote it herself, posted it on, and while reading it to herself, voiced all of Haruhi's parts. Everyone else is in her head. At some point, Kagami stumbled upon it, and actually enjoyed it.

The VA's (and the people working behind the scenes) are really, REALLY pissed right now.....
If you read the lyrics of the OP, the last sentences read:

"The end, the end, we're just about at the endWe don't like long lyrics like these.A tiring job that doesn't match our surety pay.Think of the suffering of the people behind thisIt's different, it's different, it's really differentThis place is the second dimension; second, di, mension.Front, front, the front is the front, history is short; there's still ESPIf you repaint the records [~There are 2 seasons!]"

I think this is a clear message. We should all give them a break, guys. (also edited to make a little more sense.)


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